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Teenagers, Jake, Kenny, Pete and Tony are life-long friends growing up in idyllic Kirtland, Ohio. Like other teenagers, the boys enjoy playing  football, baseball and camping out. However, the four boys also enjoy  playing pranks around the neighborhood. The pranks start off innocently enough but soon escalate. Eventually their mischief crosses the line when a local farmer and family man suffers a fatal heart attack. Vowing revenge, the daughters of the farmer discover the names and addresses of all four boys and wait to spring their trap. 

While on a camping trip, the boys are awakened and kidnapped at gunpoint. They are blindfolded and tossed in dog cages to wait out their punishment. The boys endure torture as well as sleep and food deprivation by their captors. The boys soon realize they must escape or risk the probability they will die in this hell.

Will all four boys survive? Will the girls be held accountable? 

Check out our site including our book store, children books, audio books, videos and illustrations.Deadly Pranks is our first mystery/ crime story for the adult reader. Please see the ordering links to Amazon below.

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