"Family Values - Life Lessons!"
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We've just completed our first full length novel, "Deadly Pranks." This is a crime-mystery about four teenage boys, life-long friends, growing up in Northeast Ohio in 1963. The boys are all ruthless pranksters. They begin pulling small pranks such as throwing snowballs at cars or stealing cigarettes from parked cars; however, they soon graduate to more severe crimes and eventually cross the line causing one family real grief and pain. Two local farm girls blame the Kirtland boys for the death of their father and vow revenge. One night while camping out, all four boys are kidnapped at gun point. Will the boys survive their ordeal? Will the girls be held accountable? Learn more about our story and pick up your copy now on either Digital or paperback by clicking on this link Deadly Pranks.

Robby and his flock of feathery friends decide to fly south for the winter. During their journey, the birds find both adventure and danger, however, using all their teamwork and leadership skills, they find ways to survive.