Family Values - Life Lessons

Welcome to D.C. Rush Children's Books, home of the Award Winning Robby's Quest Storybook Series. Don and Cathy Rush, writers and publishers, are dedicated to provide children with quality reading material and colorful illustrations. In the future we hope to break into animated TV and/or Movies. Feel free to read more about all of our books, watch our book trailers, listen to an audio book sample, or view our beautiful illustrations.

Robby's Quest books are stories about a group of birds, life-long friends, who travel across America searching for adventure and making new friends. In each book we try to teach children life-lessons such as leadership, teamwork, and friendship. Visit our Book Page for more information and links to purchase either Digital eBooks or Paperback Books. Audio Books, narrated by Tracy Elman, are available from Amazon, Audible or iTunes.

The Activity Book, pictured to the top right, contains puzzles, word games and coloring pictures from all four Robby's Quest books. The Storybook Series, pictured bottom right, contains all four Robby's Quest children's books, complete with over 30 full-page color illustrations and available on either a Digital eBook or Paperback version.